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We host a team of licensed security officers and both law enforcement and military trained personnel who provide an extraordinary level of security, protection, and professionalism!

BSecure’s personnel include former United States, Israeli and other Secret Service Agents, Special Security Forces of the Middle East, Official Agency Operatives, Protective Service Agents, prestigious Dignitary Protection instructors, Law enforcement entities, and Security & Intelligence Agents.
All team members offer commendable military experience, governmental security, and counter-terror qualifications with a remarkable business-oriented approach. We seek to understand and address our client’s needs while promoting cost-effective professional security services, with beneficial feedback through candid, post-event reports.

All our courses are designed and instructed by a cadre of highly experienced and qualified international Close Protection Instructors, including former senior special Agents of the United States and Israeli Secret Service.
Israel’s Security
Directed by Israel’s Security Service veterans, BSecure has extensive experience working for the Israel Defense Forces and the Special Force Units as well as governmental organizations, prime ministers, and globally influential civilian organizations.
Ronen Shlomo
Bsecure’s President & CEO
Ronen Shlomo, has superior defense knowledge which he earned during his 19 years of active service and reserve duty.

He was a Special Forces (SF) team member in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), associated with elite IDF units. He is an Israeli General Security Service (Shin Bet) graduate and has been participating in active duty while completing security-related assignments in the Shin Bet.
He has worked for the Israeli Government, Embassies, and Israeli Airline for several years as Air Marshal and at different airports and ports as a Special Agent all over the world.

Ronen Shlomo also worked for different security companies in different countries where he gained security experience working with celebrities and VIP’s until he decided to start his own security company.