Executive Protection

BSecure plans, organizes, and executes comprehensive protection plans for individuals and corporate executives for any delegation or event.

BSecure provides executive protection services to help ensure the security of important executives, especially when they are traveling to unfamiliar countries, working on projects, or attending events where they may attract unwanted attention.

BSecure’s transportation service provides expert drivers trained in personal security and protective driving. We provide high standard and luxerious cars as well as armored vehicles with the highest level of comfort, convenience and security. BSecure provides an environment that makes clients feel comfortable and secure while they are away from home. Throughout the whole process, BSecure maintains complete confidentiality and discretion, along with the highest standards of ethical and legal behavior.

Cyber Security

Knowing that today’s threat map on businesses and high-end individuals requires a holistic security approach that combines both cyber security and physical security, Bsecure has created a unique, one of a kind security model.

Our own in-house Cyber Security Team in collaboration with industry leaders Nano Cyber Solutions Inc provides cyber security defense, intel gathering, and consultation. Whether building a Security Operation Center for your business, requiring live monitoring of a business, or gathering threat data about a dignitary or a celebrity, BSecure can provide your business and life with the utmost protection, consultation, and security. 

Combining BSecures’ outstanding physical security and Nano Cyber Solutions’ industry-leading cyber security, our clients receive an unmatched security experience that provides a 360 degree of personal and business security, both physically and virtually. 

Security Consultation and Training

At Bsecure, we created it our mission to provide the best training in the industry. With over 50 years of combined knowledge in physical security, anti-terrorism, cyber security, executive protection, diplomatic protection, airplane protection and other fields, we believe that our training is unmatched.

We offer consultation to your existing security team, personal stuff, and future plans. Our expertise follows real world experianse and proven methods around the world. BSecure has proven protection history in every fields, from synagouges to world leaders and we carry that expirience when providing consultation.

Celebrity and Dignitary Protection

High profile clients, celebrities, corporate executives, dignitaries and the affluent, all trust BSecure with their security, safety, privacy and service! Individuals and organizations requiring the services of a solo Bodyguard, or an integrated Close Protection Team, are assured of the highest quality available worldwide, comparable to that of the best government protection agencies.

BSecure bodyguards are able to blend into any situation, location, context and activity, whilst providing comprehensive, effective yet discreet protection and associated services as maybe required by our clients. We believe our clients safety, security and well being is of paramount importance. In addition to ensuring that our clients are safe and secure, the peace of mind and comfort of busy individuals is considered and enhanced.

Private Patrol / Mall Security / Armed Agents / Uniformed Guards

Armed or unarmed, we have the solution that’s right for you. BSecure offers a wide range of skilled and competent guard services: Uniformed guards – armed or unarmed, plain clothed or custom-dressed.

Our Agents represent the industry’s most committed, professional and highly trained. BSecure’s guards are specifically trained to protect and monitor residential, commercial and industrial sites. No other company demands so much from their employees. All of our guards complete our carefully focused and specialized training program, and are constantly monitored and tested for performance by our supervisors.

We set our expectations high because our clients deserve nothing less than perfection. We are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week to customize your security solution. No matter what your security need is, BSecure has the resources, training and experience for every detail

Estate / Gated Community Security

We believe our clients safety, security and well being is of paramount importance. We ensure that our clients, their families and estates are safe and secure by providing surveillance & deterrence, protection & detection, alarms and safe rooms. We insure the use of the most up to date tools and equipment, including hardware, software and communications.

However, by far the most effective security is that of Estate Security Personnel. BSecure is committed in providing a safe and tranquil living environment for our clients and their families. Its our commitment to providing only the most highly trained dignitary protection agents in the industry. Our agents are bound by strict privacy policies and dedicated to duty.

BSecure provides security with complete professionalism and discretion, allowing our clients and their families to go about their personal lives in an unobstructed manner, with the knowledge that they are secure at all times

Production Security

Motion Picture, show production on the stage or in studio – in Hollywood or touring around the world…

While in production BSecure is there to protect the set, actors and staff all over the world. BSecure’s agents are able to blend into any situation, location, context and activity, whilst providing comprehensive, effective yet discreet protection and associated services as maybe required by our clients. BSecure maintains complete confidentiality and discretion.

We will provide you with professional service anywhere in the US or Overseas!

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